The IVI Company has a wide range of profile to maximize the performances according the customer’s requests. The different length of each aerofoil, from 200mm to 900mm, is studied to provide the best solution for any diameter of our impeller.
This is the smallest chord line, 200mm and it only provided in aluminium. It has been created to satisfy the request for small impeller, it is mainly used under 1500mm or 5ft, with high or medium rate of rotational velocity. Mainly used for marine applications.

C36 / 38
These two chord lines could be consider as example of medium ones, available in aluminium of FRP. They give the best results between the 1500mm and 4000mm, it could be used in any application, as air cooled heat exchangers and ACC.

This is the biggest chord line, 900mm and could be provided in FRP only. It main application field is for very big impeller, till to 13000mm. Is has been designed mainly for cooling tower but the outstanding performances, aerodynamics and structural, allow us to use for any industrial application filed.
We are available for any non-conventional request regarding temperature, i.e. application much above (200°C) or below zero degree (till minus 50°C), corrosion environment and surface treatments.
  • Aluminum / Fiberglass : blades
  • C45 / 39NiCrMo3 / 355 : shank
  • Aluminum : pillow blocks
  • C45 : bushing
  • A275 JR / A235 JR : discs / rings /casings
In case of special requirements, es. for rigid conditions on site (below -20°C), IVI can supply special low temperature materials for the structural components. Other type of materials can also be supplied (AISI 316, AISI 304 etc).
Application fields
I.V.I S.r.l. designs and assembles impellers and complete axial fans suitable for various applications.
IVI can satisfy your needs by supplying a wide range of aeraulic accessories