The very true solution for an accurate
fan performance and noise prediction

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SELFAN ( Fan Selection Software)
Fan performance and noise prediction
SELFAN, where required can be supplied to the Customer in order to allow a fast and accurate pre-selection of the fans.

In any case technical confirmation of your selections will be performed by our Engineering Department which remains at your disposal.
The final tool for fan performance

User friendly
By inserting few technical data (temperature, air flow, static pressure, noise limit ecc), Selfan will help you in your selection by proposing the best solution for your application.

Dynamic curves
Fan performance curves are tuned for the specific geometry of the fan application

Multiple choice selections
Fans can be sorted by price (most economical choice) , diameter, efficiency, generated noise ecc. to ensure a greater range of choice.

Disturbances analysis
The effect of the typical aerodynamic disturbances is properly taken into account

After Sales
We provide and ensure services and support after-sales related.
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