About us


A little bit of our history

ILMED GROUP has a history of 90 years and has developed into the current scale by the effort of four generations entrepreneurs.

Being part of ILMED GROUP, ILMED VENTILAZIONE INDUSTRIALE (IVI) Srl is situated in the North-West of Italy and is an Italian company that developed its activity starting 1996. We started as the main supplier of fans aimed for the cooling towers, and, during these years, we developed our own market becoming a well-known brand world wide for the entire industrial ventilation field.

At the beginning of 2000, the strong growth of the Asian market encouraged the top management to explore the opportunity to create, on the asian territory, a sister company; Ningbo Ivi Fans Co. Ltd was born. By using the italian engineering and convenient costs, the Ningbo Ivi Fans Co. Ltd has become an appreciated supplier for various companies in the Far East.